.22 Magnum WMR Armscor & Hornady

Armscor .22 Magnum WMR JHP Ammo For Sale

Price is vacillating like crazy, but mostly up in price. We continue trying to get .22 Magnum ammo in for our clients who love the caliber!

It happens we have gotten a better price on some of the ammo, so the prices here reflect […]

CCI .22 WMR Magnum Ammo – 50 Round $17-19/Box SOLD

Ya, we knew it would happen. James came down from Sante Fe and scarfed up the last of the .22 Magnum. Knowing the .22 Magnum shooters are a fraction of all .22 shooters, there is a big demand for the ammo.

Price for 1-5 boxes is $19 each, for 6-9 boxes they are […]

Henry Repeating Arms Lever Action Repeater .22 Magnum WMR NEW SOLD

Thanks Jerry for coming back from Estancia to buy this totally awesome rifle! Jerry loves .22M and Henry so it is no surprise this gun got added to his collection.

If you’re sold on the Western styling conjured up by a lever action .22 and want more stopping power for small game […]