Ammo for sale to the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho Area

We have continued to maintain some level of inventory on all the popular calibers listed below.

These are sample prices, this is not all of the options or manufacturers.  This is being updated on 2/16/24.  The inventory and pricing is always in flux.

ALL ammo is brass and new unless otherwise identified.


.22LR 100rd Winch $18
.22LR 50rd Norma $6  NEW
.223 55GR $15/20
5.56 62gr Green Tip  $15/20 Winch $29/30 IMI, $17/20 PPU, Win 500rd $329
5.56 77gr Match $31/20
300 BLK $28/20 Win 150gr
7.62X39 124gr $14/20  Barnaul and Wolf
7.62X51 145gr $18/20, $379/500 PPU
.303 British S&B $27/20 NEW
30-06 150gr FMJ  $29/20 (safe for Garand)
32ACP PPU $33/50 
32ACP JHP $27/50
8mm Mauser Yugo (loose rounds)
380 ACP 50 and 250rd options $53-235
9mm Luger  FMJ $32/50, 115gr , $149/500
9mm Luger SUBSONIC 155gr $36 (were $47 at Sportsmans) NEW
9X18 Mak $31/50 S&B (brass)
9X18 Mak Silver Bear $14/50, Geco and Wolf $17
9X18 Mak JHP $25/50
9X18 Mak Hornady FTX $32/50
40 S&W $459/650 Rem
40 S&W $33/50 Winch NEW
45 ACP  $40/50 Speer
12ga #5 Speed-Ball 10/$19 NEW


Give us a call or drop us a mail for details.  We are only offering this ammo to buyers in the ABQ area.  We have the option to limit quantities to make more available for others.

If we don’t have the ammo in stock you are looking for, Lucky Gunner is an online ordering option.

Cheap Bulk Ammo at Lucky Gunner

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