S&W M&P9 Shield 9MM Bug Out Bundle FIVE Mags NEW $579




The standard Shield comes with one 7 round and one 8 round. The 8 rd magazines sell for $35 so you are getting over $100 in the value of the […]

Austrian Hirtenberger 7.62X51 .308 M80 50RD Bandolier with Stripper Clips $68

Hirtenberger 147 Gr FMJ – 50 Round Stripper Clips Bandolier


Fantastic Hirtenberger 7.62×51 .308 M80 Milsurp ammunition from the early 1980s. Clean ammo perfectly packaged on FAL stripper clips in bandoliers. This 7.62×51 is brass cased, boxer primed and Non-corrosive. Comes 8 bandoliers to a 400rd Can!

Hirtenberger 147 […]

FM-9 Complete Billet Rifle/Carbine/Pistol Lower Receivers $299-$329


We have this lower in two configurations. The standard design for $299 and another “premium” version with a ambi safety for $329

Complete Small Frame Glock style FM9 Rifle Lower Receiver comes standard with a Lower Parts Kit, that utilizes no MIM parts. All FM Products […]

.30 Carbine M1/2 110 Grain FMJ Korean 120rds with Bandolier $65

.30 Carbine M1/2 110 Grain FMJ Korean War 120rds with Bandolier

This military surplus South Korean 30 M1 Carbine FMJ 110 Grains ammunition is vintage ammunition at an unbeatable price. This ammunition was packaged in 120 round bandoliers. Each bandolier contains twelve (10) round stripper clips for a total of 120rds. Each […]

Display Suppressors – Faux Suppressors – Flash Hiders – Oil Filter Adapters .22LR, .223/5.56, 9mm $10 & Up

You never know when you might want a suppressor, so why not get a faux one for now to be prepared!

We have a variety of options to give your firearm the suppressor look by using a faux version. Maybe you just like the look, or maybe you want to try the […]

40mm Grenade Ammo Cans, USGI, Steel For Sale $25

Military surplus steel 40mm ammo cans for linked grenades, have double latches, one on each end. These are nice clean cans but are used and will show some wear, fading paint and such on outside, but are solid and close well. Load data and marks on outsides will vary from can to can […]

WWI, WWII and later US Military Surplus Items Going on Sale

I have begun posting some of the items for sale on two sales sites and indicated I had other items to sell so I thought I would refer people here to see all of the items at once, easier than through the online sales sites. The majority of the items haven’t been priced as […]

Dickinson Arms Commando 12 Ga Tactical Shotgun NEW SOLD

Dickinson Marine Tactical, Pump Action Shotgun, 12 Gauge, 20″ Barrel, Ghost Ring Sight, 5+1 Rounds

Dickinson® XX3D-M-2 Marine Tactical 12-gauge Pump Shotgun

Dickinson┬« Shotguns are made with as few mechanical parts as possible, delivering reliable operation when you need it most. The Dickinson┬« Commando XX3D-M-2 Tactical Shotgun features a 20″ barrel for […]

PSA Baby Poop Flinging Gremlin up for sale at Gunbroker SOLD

Many of you know about my small set of PSA lower receivers that quickly gained collector status. The first one we are offering for sale is the Baby Poop Flinging Gremlin. Another Gremlin went for something like $500-700 or some equally absurd amount.

Baby Poop Flinging Gremlin Stripped AR-15 Lower


Below […]

Anderson Mfg AR-15 M4 5.56mm Carbine with A2 Front Sight Post NEW SOLD

Anderson Manufacturing AR-15 with Fixed Front Sight

The Anderson Manufacturing AM15 comes with everything you need in an AR. The barrel is 4150 chromemoly steel in a 1:8 twist to stabilize a wide array of ammo. The Bolt is 9310 steel and MPI tested. The chrome lined carrier is 8620 streel. This […]