Foxtrot Mike Products 5″ Barrel 9mm AR Pistol with Glock Style Magwell – SBA3 Brace NEW $799

Foxtrot Mike Products 5″ Barrel 9mm AR Pistol with Glock Style Magwell – SBA3 Brace NEW

Foxtrot Mike Products is at it again with another 9mm AR pistol. For those wanting an even smaller and lighter pistol, this build features a short 5” barrel with a 1:10 twist rate. The FM Products […]

SAR9, 9mm Pistol, 4.4″ Barrel, 17+1 Rounds NEW $425

SAR9, 9mm Pistol, 4.4″ Barrel, 17+1 Rounds NEW $419


Possibly the most rigorously tested pistol ever developed, the new SAR9 endured 130°F baking to simulate desert conditions, -50°F for the arctic, salt fog, high altitude, 24 hours of rain, solar radiation, fouling, drop tests and 150,000 rounds of live […]

Ammo for sale to the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho Area

We have continued to maintain some level of inventory on all the popular calibers listed below.

NOTICE: As you know, we have rapid price increases and reduced availability of ammo all last year due to a combination of ANTIFA, BLM, COVID, and fear of the election. Our fears came through and so now […]

S&W M&P9 Shield 9MM Bug Out Bundle FIVE Mags NEW $539




The standard Shield comes with one 7 round and one 8 round. The 8 rd magazines sell for $35 so you are getting over $100 in the value of the […]

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield PLUS 9mm NEW $579

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield PLUS 9mm w/TS

We have the PLUS in both safety and thumb safety versions, both the same price.

The M&P9 Shield Plus delivers exceptional performance and accuracy with the next generation of reliable and durable Smith & Wesson pistols. It comes chambered in 9mm with a 3.1 […]

FMP-9 AR-9 Pistol and Carbine Options NEW

FMP AR-9 FM-9 5″ 9mm Upper Receiver M-LOK

If you like shooting an AR, and would like to have a similar experience but pay less for ammo, then go 9MM. Even with all the ammo hard to get and expensive, the 9mm ammo will always be less than 5.56/2.23.

Pistol Caliber Carbine […]

CANIK TP9SF Special Forces 9mm Pistol 18rd 4.47″ $459

The TP9SF is a military-grade, 9mm, striker-fired pistol that has successfully passed 60,000 round torture tests without any failures, while still maintaining NATO standards for accuracy. With superior durability, reliability, and unparalleled trigger, the TP9SF pistol represents an ideal option for global military, law enforcement, security professionals, and civilian shooters alike.

We have […]

FM Products AR-9 Enhanced Pistol 10″ 9mm NEW $829

High end Pistol Caliber features, at a fantastic price

FM Product Pistols have features not commonly found in Pistol Caliber AR-type Pistols of this price point. From the patented, reliable bolt hold-open mechanism to the included MLOK rail covers and blast diffuser, the FM-9B Enhanced Pistols are unmatched. The Pistol Buffer Tube is capped […]

FM-9 Complete Billet Rifle/Carbine/Pistol Lower Receivers $299-$329


We have this lower in two configurations. The standard design for $299 and another “premium” version with a ambi safety for $329

Complete Small Frame Glock style FM9 Rifle Lower Receiver comes standard with a Lower Parts Kit, that utilizes no MIM parts. All FM Products […]

Stoeger STR-9C Compact 9mm Black Pistol 13Rd Mag NEW $375

Stoeger is known for their affordable and high quality shotguns – and the new Stoeger STR-9 Compact handgun is no different. The STR-9 Compact is a semi-automatic striker fired compact-sized handgun perfect for concealed carry and home defense. The STR-9 comes packed with features that you’ll see in guns nearly twice the price […]