AR10 GEN2 PA10 18″ Mid-Length .308/7.62 SS NEW SOLD

AR10 18″ SS barrel 6-position stock

This is your classic AR10 that you can slap a rear iron site, a scope, a red dot, or whatever your taste in optics is. 4.5 star PSA rated! These handle the cheapest ammo in stride so go out and have fun while shooting a rifle […]

Windham Weaponry R16SFST-308 .308 M4 Rifle NEW SOLD

Gary loved his Windham Weaponry hunter version of the .308, he had to get this one as well. Thanks for making the trip from Sante Fe!

Manufacturer: Windham Weaponry Model #: R16SFST-308 Midwest Key Mod 15 Handguard Type: Rifle: Semi-Auto Finish: Black matte Stock: 6-Position Telescoping Buttstock Sights: No Sights Barrel: 16.5″ […]

Kel-Tec RFB .308/7.62X51Bullpup Carbine NEW SOLD

Thanks to James for coming down from Sante Fe and purchase this cool bullpup. He says he loves shooting it and has it sighted in perfectly!

Kel-Tec RFB .308/7.62X51 Carbine

We are offering for sale the very hard to get and often over-priced RFB. Many of the people/dealers who have it […]