Austrian Hirtenberger 7.62X51 .308 M80 50RD Bandolier with Stripper Clips SOLD

Hirtenberger 147 Gr FMJ – 50 Round Stripper Clips Bandolier


Fantastic Hirtenberger 7.62×51 .308 M80 Milsurp ammunition from the early 1980s. Clean ammo perfectly packaged on FAL stripper clips in bandoliers. This 7.62×51 is brass cased, boxer primed and Non-corrosive. Comes 8 bandoliers to a 400rd Can! $49 per bandolier or […]

.30 Carbine M1/2 110 Grain FMJ Korean 120rds with Bandolier SOLD

.30 Carbine M1/2 110 Grain FMJ Korean War 120rds with Bandolier

This military surplus South Korean 30 M1 Carbine FMJ 110 Grains ammunition is vintage ammunition at an unbeatable price. This ammunition was packaged in 120 round bandoliers. Each bandolier contains twelve (10) round stripper clips for a total of 120rds. Each […]