WWI, WWII and later US Military Surplus Items Going on Sale

I have begun posting some of the items for sale on two sales sites and indicated I had other items to sell so I thought I would refer people here to see all of the items at once, easier than through the online sales sites. The majority of the items haven’t been priced as […]

FM-9 Complete Billet Rifle/Carbine Lower Receiver SOLD


Complete Small Frame Glock style FM9 Rifle Lower Receiver comes standard with a Lower Parts Kit, that utilizes no MIM parts. All FM Products Billet Lower Receivers come with their patented, proprietary Last Round Bolt Hold Open. It also comes standard with a Mil-spec GI Trigger […]

Display Suppressors – Faux Suppressors – Flash Hiders – Oil Filter Adapters .22LR, .223/5.56, 9mm $10 & Up

You never know when you might want a suppressor, so why not get a faux one for now to be prepared!

We have a variety of options to give your firearm the suppressor look by using a faux version. Maybe you just like the look, or maybe you want to try the […]

Surplus Army M19A1 7.62X51mm NATO M80 (.30 cal) Ammo Cans $10

7.62X51 ammo cans in very good condition

These are surplus ammo cans straight from the White Sands Missile Range here in New Mexico. From the designation on the can, you can see that these cans originally contained standard M80 ball cartridges in M13 linked belts. The can would have contained two 100-round […]

40mm Grenade Ammo Cans, USGI, Steel For Sale $20

Military surplus steel 40mm ammo cans for linked grenades, have double latches, one on each end. These are nice clean cans but are used and will show some wear, fading paint and such on outside, but are solid and close well. Load data and marks on outsides will vary from can to can […]

Radical Firearms 300BLK 10.5″ Pistol NEW SOLD

Radical Firearms 10.5″ 300BLK Pistol 10″ FCR

The Radical Firearms 10.5″ HBAR 300BLK AR Pistol uses MIL-STD Upper and lower receivers along with our 10″ FCR free float rail system for increased accuracy, keeping your hands cool, and giving you plenty of room for accessories.

Barrel Length: 10.5″ Barrel Material: […]

Fox Trot Mike (FTM) 7″ and 8.5″ AR-9 Uppers For Sale SOLD

Complete 9mm AR Upper 7″ Glock Style – 8.75″ M-LOK Rail – Blast Diffuser

Foxtrot Mike Products Complete 9mm AR Upper 7″ Glock Style – 8.75″ M-LOK Rail – Blast Diffuser

The Foxtrot Mike Products FM-9 Complete 9x19mm Upper Receiver is built from the ground up to provide outstanding reliability and accuracy […]

S&W M&P 15 Sport II Optics Ready NEW SOLD


M&P15 Rifles are the ideal modern sporting rifle. Built to perform multiple uses under various conditions, M&P15 Rifles are as versatile as they are reliable. Engineered for a wide variety of recreational, sport shooting and professional applications, M&P15 Rifles are easy to accessorize, but hard to put […]

Foxtrot Mike Products 7″ Glock Style Side Charging 9mm AR Pistol w/ SBA3 Brace SOLD

Foxtrot Mike Products 7″ Glock Style Side Charging 9mm AR Pistol w/ SBA3 Brace

Foxtrot Mike Products is at it again with another 9mm AR pistol. For those wanting an even smaller and lighter pistol, this build features a short 7” barrel with a 1:10 twist rate. The FM Products blast diffuser […]

CZ-82 9X18mm Pistol (Makarov) And Holster M&P Turn-In Surplus Good Condition $297

I have confirmed, the distributor has now sold out. This will be my last order for these. We found another dealer selling these for $339 without the bonus holster. We also have extra new mags for sale.

CZ-82 9X18mm Makarov Good Condition

When I began my own search for a milsurp Makarov […]