Incoming FFL Transfers

  • All incoming firearms, whether from a manufacturer, distributor or another FFL dealer, must be pre-approved to insure we will be open to receive your firearm.
  • We charge $15 per gun for all approved FFL transfers which includes the sales tax.
  • Please Note: We are not responsible for damage caused in transit or incomplete orders. Also, we do not warranty guns you order and purchase from another person or FFL.
  • As a thank you to active military and law enforcement, we will do first transfer for free.

Outgoing FFL Transfers

  • We will ship firearms for outgoing FFL transfers for $15, plus a charge for the cost of shipping (and insurance, if you want the additional coverage).

Firearm Purchases From NMW

When purchasing a firearm from New Mexico Weapons there is no transfer fee.  The process is covered in the price of the firearm.

No Gun Registration or Licensing in New Mexico

  • Once the FBI NICS background check has been approved, you are clear to take the firearm.
  • The NICS background check is not the same as registration; the NICS background check simply confirms that you are legally able to purchase a firearm.  The only firearm information passed to the FBI is the type of firearm, handgun, long gun, or other.

While there are exceptions to the Gun Control Act of 1968, the person taking possession of the firearm is required to pass an FBI NICS background check.