ATI GSG Firefly Pistol .22LR with Threaded Barrel SOLD

ATI GSG SIg Firefly Mosquito 22LR Pistol with threaded barrel

This is the same pistol as sold by Sig as their Mosquito.  Sig didn’t make their own 22LR so they sold this pistol under their name.

The ATI GSG Firefly Pistol chambers 22LR and has a 10+1 Round Capacity. This pistol is semi-automatic recoil operated with double action and is equipped w/ a 4.9″ barrel, an overall length 7.2″, adjustable rear sights, tan polymer frame, black grips, an integrated accessory rail and fixed barrel. Threaded barrel with barrel protector included.

The GSG FireFly features a wear-resistant alloy frame outfitted with an integrated accessory rail. Its slide has adjustable sights, and along with the rugged blowback system, fixed barrel and superior ergonomic grip, the GSG FireFly delivers exceptional accuracy. Additional safeties include an internal locking device and slide mounted ambidextrous safety.

This pistol is usually sold with ONE magazine, this one comes with THREE.   These usually are $25-30 each.

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