New Mexico Weapons, LLC is a MASTER AMMO DEALER so we are offered quarterly opportunities to book ammo orders for the upcoming quarter (May>July).

We are passing along the savings to our customers. How this works is we want the distributor to make available to us a certain amount of various ammo brands […]

CCI .22 WMR Magnum Ammo – 50 Round $17-19/Box SOLD

Ya, we knew it would happen. James came down from Sante Fe and scarfed up the last of the .22 Magnum. Knowing the .22 Magnum shooters are a fraction of all .22 shooters, there is a big demand for the ammo.

Price for 1-5 boxes is $19 each, for 6-9 boxes they are […]

PRIMERS – Remington Small Pistol and CCI Large Pistol – SOLD

Remington No. 1-1/2 Small Pistol Primers For Sale

Have 3,000 CCI No. 300 Large pistol primers and 7,000 Remington 1-1/2 Small Pistol Primers for sale that I am selling for a friend.

CCI No. 300 Large Pistol Primers on Sale

$24 each for boxes of 1,000. Buy all ten boxes […]

Wolf brand made by Lapua/SK .22LR Match Target Ammo German Made SOLD

Thanks to Alfred for purchasing a couple bricks of this great match ammo. Appreciate the connoisseur buyers 🙂

Wolf .22LR Match Target Ammo made by the Lapua/SK factory in Germany.

Wolf Match Target Ammunition has developed an outstanding reputation as one of the most economical and accurate loads available. Made at the […]

CCI .22 WMR Magnum Rimfire Varmint Poly-Tip V-Max 30 Grain 50 Round Boxes $20

Thanks to Mike for purchasing this ammo!

CCI .22 WMR Magnum Ammo Varmint Poly-Tip V-Max 30 Grain 50 Round

CCI .22 WMR Magnum Rimfire Varmint Poly-Tip V-Max 30 Grain 50 Round Boxes

CCIs varmint lineup that utilize unique bullet technologies to deliver what we covet most: devastating performance on varmints, time […]

PMC XM855 SS109 Penetrator 5.56X45 LAP Green Tip 120 rounds Battle Packs $72

Thanks to Mike for purchasing the last one of these today. Green Tip is becoming more available so I wish everyone luck in getting some!

We were luck enough to be able to purchase a few more of these. Although the cost went up, we are holding the price at the old amount.


Speer Gold Dot .22WMR Magnum Hollow Point Personal Protection Ammo 50 round Boxes $20

Thanks to all the buyers for purchasing this fine ammo!

Speer Gold Dot .22 WMR/Magnum 40 Gr. GDHP-SB Ammunition Gold Dot® Short Barrel® Personal Protection – 22 Win. Mag.

The newest addition to the Speer® Gold Dot Short Barrel line is the 40-grain .22 WMR hollow point. If this is the personal […]