New Mexico Weapons, LLC is a MASTER AMMO DEALER so we are offered quarterly opportunities to book ammo orders for the upcoming quarter (May>July).

We are passing along the savings to our customers.  How this works is we want the distributor to make available to us a certain amount of various ammo brands in each of the three months.  For instance,  if you like a particular ammo, and you shoot 9 boxes in a quarter, so you might want to book 3 boxes in each of three months.

We have no guarantee what what ammo will become available.  As a result, we don’t ask for a pre-payment, but we will need you to pay in full when I hear they have your ammo ready to ship.  The prices below do not contain tax.

Please write me or call to book your ammo needs for May through July!

We are taking orders through April 6th ONLY.  Beyond April 6th I can still take ammo orders, but maybe not at these prices!


MFG SKU Description Price
Barnes 21520 BAR CART 223 55GR VOR-TX $23
Barnes 21522 BAR CART 243 80GR VOR-TX $30
Barnes 21524 BAR CART 270 130GR VOR-TX $37
Barnes 21526 BAR CART 7MM 40GR VOR-TX $42
Barnes 21529 BAR CART 7MM 60GR VOR-TX $42
Barnes 21531 BAR CART 30-06 150GR VOR-TX $37
Barnes 21533 BAR CART 30-06 180GR VOR-TX $37
Barnes 21536 BAR CART 300WSM 165GR VOR-TX $43
Barnes 21537 BAR CART 300 165GR VOR-TX $43
Barnes 21538 BAR CART 300 180GR VOR-TX $43
Barnes 21539 BAR CART 300UM 180GR VOR-TX $52
Barnes 21540 BAR CART 308 50GR VOR-TX $37
Barnes 21541 BAR CART 308 68GR VOR-TX $37
Barnes 21542 BAR CART 338 225GR VOR-TX $48
Barnes 21543 BAR CART 357 140GR VOR-TX $20
Barnes 21545 BAR CART 44M 225GR VOR-TX $24
Barnes 21547 BAR CART 45LC 200GR VOR-TX $24
Barnes 21550 BAR CART 357 125GR TAC-XPD $21
Barnes 21551 BAR CART 9MM 115GR TAC-XPD $17
Barnes 21552 BAR CART 380 80GR TAC-XPD $15
Barnes 21554 BAR CART 40SW 140GR TAC-XPD $18
Barnes 21555 BAR CART 45AP 185GR TAC-XPD $21
Barnes 21557 BAR CART 25-06 100GR VOR-TX $35
Barnes 21561 BAR CART 7MM08 120GR VOR-TX $35
Barnes 21563 BAR CART 7MM 50GR VOR-TX $42
Barnes 21565 BAR CART 30-06 168GR VOR-TX $37
Barnes 21567 BAR CART 300WSM 150GR VOR-TX $43
Barnes 21569 BAR CART 300 150GR VOR-TX $43
Barnes 21571 BAR CART 300UM 165GR VOR-TX $52
Barnes 21575 BAR CART 338 210GR VOR-TX $47
Barnes 21579 BAR CART 45-70 300GR VOR-TX $41
Barnes 21581 BAR CART 35WHELEN 180GR VORTX $36
Barnes 22008 BAR CART 22-250 50GR VOR-TX $28
Barnes 22024 BAR CART 454 250GR VOR-TX $33
Barnes 22034 BAR CART 416RIG 400GR VRTX SAF $101
Barnes 22037 BAR CART 41M 180GR VOR-TX $23
Barnes 30740 BAR CART 300 220GR MATCH $42
Barnes 30818 BAR CART 308 175GR MATCH $27
Barnes 30844 BAR CART 556 52GR RANGE AR $16
Barnes 30846 BAR CART 556 69GR MATCH $22
Barnes 30848 BAR CART 556 85GR MATCH $22
Barnes 31180-BAR BAR CART 10MM 155GR VOR-TX $27
Browning B191700091 BAM CART 9MM 147GR JHP BXP $16
Browning B191700401 BAM CART 40SW 180GR JHP BXP $18
Browning B191700451 BAM CART 45AP 230GR JHP BXP $18
Browning B191703801 BAM CART 380 95GR JHP BXP $16
Browning B191800091 BAM CART 9MM 147GR FMJ BPT $13
Browning B191800401 BAM CART 40SW 180GR FMJ BPT $17
Browning B191800451 BAM CART 45AP 230GR FMJ BPT $21
Browning B191803801 BAM CART 380 95GR FMJ BPT $18
Browning B192102431 BAM CART 243 100GR BXR $25
Browning B192102701 BAM CART 270 140GR BXR $25
Browning B192103001 BAM CART 300 155GR BXR $29
Browning B192103081 BAM CART 308 150GR BXR $25
Browning B192130001 BAM CART 300WSM 155GR BXR $31
Browning B192130061 BAM CART 3006 155GR BXR $25
Browning B192130301 BAM CART 3030 160GR BXR $24
Browning B192200071 BAM CART 7MM 155GR BXC $39
Browning B192202701 BAM CART 270 145GR BXC $30
Browning B192203001 BAM CART 300 185GR BXC $39
Browning B192203081 BAM CART 308 168GR BXC $30
Browning B192230001 BAM CART 300WSM 185GR BXC $39
Browning B192230061 BAM CART 3006 185GR BXC $30
Browning B193411230 BAM BXD WF 12G 3-1.25-BB $19
Browning B193411232 BAM BXD WF 12G 3-1.25-2 $19
Browning B193411234 BAM BXD WF 12G 3-1.25-4 $19
Browning B193411240 BAM BXD WF 12G 3.5-1.5-BB $24
Browning B193411242 BAM BXD WF 12G 3.5-1.5-2 $24
Browning B193412032 BAM BXD WF 20G 3-1-2 $18
Browning B193511225 BAM BXD UP 12G 2.75-1.375-5 $18
Browning B193511226 BAM BXD UP 12G 2.75-1.375-6 $18
Browning B193511235 BAM BXD UP 12G 3-1.625-5 $20
Browning B193511626 BAM BXD UP 16G 2.75-1.125-6 $16
Browning B193512025 BAM BXD UP 20G 2.75-1-5 $16
Browning B193512035 BAM BXD UP 20G 3-1.25-5 $18
Browning B193512036 BAM BXD UP 20G 3-1.25-6 $18
Browning B193611228 BAM BPT SP 12G 2.75 LIGHT 8 $9
Browning B193611628 BAM BPT SP 16G 2.75-1-8 $14
Browning B193621227 BAM BPT SP 12G 2.75 HEAVY 7.5 $9
Browning B193631227 BAM BPT SP 12G 2.75 SPORT 7.5 $9
Browning B193632027 BAM BPT SP 20G 2.75 SPORT 7.5 $9
Polycase 380ARXRUG-25 PLY RUG CART 380 56GR ARX $16
Polycase 40ARXRUG-20 PLY RUG CART 40SW 97GR ARX $17
Polycase 45ARXRUG-118-20 PLY RUG CART 45AP 118GR ARX $18
Polycase 9ARXRUG-80-25 PLY RUG CART 9MM 80GR ARX $17
Sig Sauer E10MB1-50 SIG CART BALL 10MM 180GR $24
Sig Sauer E10MM1-20 SIG CART ELTE VCRWN 10MM 180GR $19
Sig Sauer E300A1-20 SIG CART OTM 300BLK 125GR $20
Sig Sauer E300A2-20 SIG CART OTM 300BLK 220GR $20
Sig Sauer E357B1-50 SIG CART BALL 357SIG 125GR $22
Sig Sauer E357M1-20 SIG CART ELT VCROWN 357M 125GR $16
Sig Sauer E357MB-50 SIG CART BALL 357M 125GR $22
Sig Sauer E357S1-20 SIG CART ELTE VCROWN 357 125GR $16
Sig Sauer E380A1-20 SIG CART ELITE VCROWN 380 90GR $13
Sig Sauer E380B1-50 SIG CART BALL 380 100GR $18
Sig Sauer E38SB1-50 SIG CART BALL 38SP 125GR $20
Sig Sauer E38SP1-20 SIG CART ELTE VCRWN 38SP 125GR $16
Sig Sauer E38SU1-20 SIG CART ELT VCRN 38SUP+ 125GR $16
Sig Sauer E38SUB-50 SIG CART BALL 38SUP+ 125GR $22
Sig Sauer E40SB2-50 SIG CART BALL 40SW 180GR $20
Sig Sauer E40SW1-20 SIG CART ELTE VCRWN 40SW 165GR $16
Sig Sauer E40SW2-20 SIG CART ELTE VCRWN 40SW 180GR $15
Sig Sauer E44MA1-20 SIG CART ELTE VCROWN 44M 240GR $20
Sig Sauer E44SP1-20 SIG CART ELTE VCRWN 44SP 240GR $20
Sig Sauer E45AP0-20 SIG CART ELTE VCROWN 45 185GR $17
Sig Sauer E45AP1-20 SIG CART ELTE VCROWN 45 200GR $17
Sig Sauer E45AP2-20 SIG CART ELTE VCROWN 45 230GR $17
Sig Sauer E45BA3-50 SIG CART BALL 45AP 230GR $21
Sig Sauer E45LC1-20 SIG CART ELTE VCRWN 45LC 230GR $20
Sig Sauer E9MMA1-20 SIG CART ELTE VCROWN 9MM 115GR $13
Sig Sauer E9MMA2-20 SIG CART ELTE VCROWN 9MM 124GR $13
Sig Sauer E9MMA3-20 SIG CART ELTE VCROWN 9MM 147GR $13
Sig Sauer E9MMB1-50 SIG CART BALL 9MM 115GR $16

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