Tactical Christmas Stockings On Sale $18

Represent your love for your country and your love for the holiday season with the Tactical Christmas Stocking with USA Flag Patch. These Camping Gear Accessories from Ruck Up feature a removable United States flag patch with hook and loop backing for decorating, and the heavy duty carrying handle is great for carrying or hanging. However, the Ruck Up Flag Patch Tactical Christmas Stocking with USA Flag Attachment is also outfitted with tactical MOLLE webbing, 3 D-rings, a pocket, 2 swivel carabiners, and plenty of other storage space for all the little extras you may find while celebrating the season with your family. It’s a patriotic way to show your love for your country, and the reinforced heavy duty handle ensures you can take this stocking anywhere. Organize all your small gifts and cards with the Ruck Up Flag Christmas Stocking with USA Flag Patch

Available in black or khaki

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