Lake City 7.62 NATO M80 149gr FMJ LC19 – 350rd Ammo Can SOLD

When your first shot must count – choose Federal Lake City ammunition. Each round is brass-cased, boxer-primed, non-corrosive, and reloadable. It is both economical and precision manufactured in the USA.  This is headstamped LC19, i.e. made in 2019 so this is freshly produced.

We have the rounds loose in a can that otherwise would hold 200rd of belt fed rounds.

These 350 rounds are stacked loosely together in a mil-spec steel ammo can.  It’s a handy bit of hardware that seals up tight to keep ammo nice and fresh, and you’ll definitely want to hang to it long after you’re done with all this great 7.62×51 ammo!

It’s always a treat when you can get your hands on Lake City’s goods. They’re the biggest small arms ammo manufacturer in the country, and they owe that particular achievement to their primary client: Uncle Sam himself.

This is the same exact 7.62×51 ammo the U.S. Armed Forces would use in their M240 and M60 machine guns, as well as their M24 and M110 sniper rifles. Now, to be sure, the 7.62×51 is actually loaded to a slightly lower pressure than the commercial 308 Win. That means if your rifle is capable of chambering 308, it can handle Lake City’s mil-spec ammo like a champ!

This round is equipped with a 149 grain full metal jacket boat tail bullet, thus earning it the M80 designation. In combat it would be the bullet you’d rely on for engaging enemy personnel and other unarmored targets. Such a non-expanding projectile makes a great choice for range training as well, especially thanks to its tapered base which serves to keep its trajectory flatter and its velocity faster over great distances.


More Information
Condition New
Caliber 7.62 NATO
Grain 149
Pressure Standard
Projectile Full Metal Jacket
Casing Brass
Primer Type Boxer
Muzzle Velocity 2750
Muzzle Energy 2437
Rounds Per Can 350
Suggested Use Practice/Self Defense

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  • Cisco

    I have some LC 19 ammo I m trying to figure out what caliber is that and some LC 21 as well if I can know the difference on them please and thank you

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