Independence Day, In More Ways Than One!

Before I give you the State of Affairs, I want to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day, AKA 4th of July for those who don’t know what Independence Day is.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and doesn’t blow any fingers offer.  Be safe, practice safe distancing, like sitting on your roof watching a display.

There is no denying that sales across the country have gone through the roof.  That means the shelves are empty and what is left is at a much higher price.

More personally, manufacturers who had dealer pricing pulled the plug.  Why sell me something for $90 vs. selling it to you for $100?

At this moment, I am unable to get much in the way of inventory from anywhere, and that includes retail.  I am still bringing in inventory, like another batch of CZ-82 pistols, but the traditional AR-9, AR-10 and AR-15 sales are dwindling away.

Happy Independence Day!

New Mexico Weapons

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