Remington Thunderbolt 150rd .22LR *and* Rem Oil 100th Anniversary Combo (updated)

100th Anniversary Remington REM OIL and bonus 150 rounds of .22LR Thunderbolt

100th Anniversary Remington REM OIL and bonus 150 rounds of .22LR Thunderbolt

For their 100th Anniversary Remington has come out with a Bonus Pack.  They have bundled a 150 round box of .22LR with three of their REM OIL products.

16oz can of REM OIL

4oz can of REM OIL

2.5oz bottle of a powder solvent that lubricates and provides rust protection

The set is boxed in faux woodgrain and makes a nice gift for someone else, or to put in with your own gun supplies.

As hard as it is to get .22LR ammo these days, help your self to some great REM OIL and get a bonus 150 round box of Thunderbolt.

Amazon has the same oils, but without the ammo for $63.74

Able Ammo has these on sale for $36.69, regularly $56.69  but you need to add $10.69 UPS shipping to that

Academy has them for $49.99 with free shipping

Woodbury Outfitters $54.99 plus shipping

Gander Mountain is $59.99 WITHOUT the .22LR

The 16oz can retails for $19.99
The 4oz throwback can isn’t even sold retail, but if it was, it would be $8.29
The 2.5oz bottle of powder solvent is also $8.29.

That is $36.57 total.  I am selling this for $33, so you are getting a deal on the oil and the 150 rounds of .22LR ammo is FREE!

Why pay those outrageous prices when you can get a great deal right here in Rio Rancho!

We have these in stock for less than any of the above places and we have already paid for the shipping so you don’t have to!  We have several in stock so give us a shout while you can still get these.

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