NRA Life Membership for $600, beat the Price Increase – Extended, don’t know how much longer!

The offer has been re-opened, sign up NOW!

The NRA has made two announcements to their recruiters.

  1.  The previous $600 Lifetime membership is once again available for a limited time.  To get this rate, it must be paid in full.  They still offer the $25/quarter Easy Payment Plan, but the regular membership rate is $1500.
  2. NRA Membership dues will increase September 1, 2018. The One-Year membership rate will increase from $40 to $45, and the Five-Year membership rate will increase from $140 to $150. All other membership rates will remain at the current pricing.

We are a NRA recruiter and have the NRA hats in black/gold or camo with one year memberships.  For 5 year or life you also get a t-shirt and knife.  Please contact us your new or renewal membership.  Even if you are a member, you can pay at current renewal rates and have the time added to your membership rather than wait for higher rates.

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