Model 1938 K. Kale Turkish 8mm Mauser SOLD

This one is sold, but there are more where that one came from, let us get one for you!

Thanks to Jason for stopping by and buying this piece of history!

Up for sale is a Model 1938 K. Kale Turkish Mauser.

Don’t know how, but the wood looks like near new.  This particular rifle was made in 1945 at the end of the war, but Turkey didn’t get involved in the war so the rifle got little use and that results in it’s great condition.  I am including a new sling, four double ammo pouches, five boxes of 8mm ammo,  and a Turkish Mauser bayonet.

Turkey took a variety of Mausers they had on hand and re-arsenaled them at the  Kirikkale Tufek Fabrikast factory.   I purchased this rifle and never fired it.  Am including a picture of the receiver markings.  The previous owner wasn’t real careful and there are a few scratches on it, which aren’t deep and could be buffed out without damaging the receiver markings.

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