Russian Tula TOZ-35M Free Pistol Exc/Like New SOLD

Russian Tula TOZ-35M Free Pistol

Russian Tula TOZ-35M Free Pistol


Do you want to have the most accurate pistol on your block or at your pistol range?  Then don’t look further.  You won’t find anything as accurate for less than $1500-2000.  I have seen retail prices on these as high as $1200 and you will see these for same typically in the $600 range.

The TOZ-35M was designed to compete in the Olympic 50 meter slow fire competition called free pistol and has won as recently as 2013.  This pistol is made to be custom fitted to the shooter.  As
you can see in the picture, the grip is a sold walnut block to be customized to fit your hand like the proverbial glove!  Even the two wood pieces that make up the grip are serialized to the handgun.

In Europe these are called 5.6mm, their name for .22LR.  These are frequently called Russian pistols, but these were made in the Soviet Union era.  This one is a 1988.    TOZ stands for Tulsky Oruzheiny Zavod which is the Russian name for the Tula factory as we know it.

These are top quality handguns are made with surgical accuracy built into every detail. Each pistol comes in beautiful wood case with small spare parts, cleaning brushes and cleaning rod.

This was graded as excellent but is likely brand new.  Certainly wasn’t shot with these grips 🙂   I am selling this pistol for the price you see on the ones rated Good to Very Good which were likely used or have some condition issue, or perhaps missing parts.

Specifications and Features:
.22 Long Rifle/5.6mm
Single Shot Martini Type Rear HIinged Breech Block
1:17 Rifling 6 Groove
11.75″ Barrel
Steel Frame
Adjustable Sight
Walnut Unfinished Grip
4 lbs
13.10 lbs. w/ case
17″ Long
Black Matte

Comes with nice original fitted case. instruction booklet, cleaning rod and supplies, and spare parts.  The parts kit, in their own fancy wood box, contain springs, front sights, firing pins, and parts needed for any potential maintenance or adjustment you may wish to make.  As it is, the triggers on these require virtually no effort to fire….I have heard the trigger described as similar to a flea fart 🙂  It is that “light touch” that helps maintain the accuracy.  These guys just don’t score you by the bullseye, but to the tenths of a bullseye or ring.

Russian Tula TOZ-35M Free Pistol

Russian Tula TOZ-35M Free Pistol

Heckler & Koch SL8-1/G36 5.56/223 Converted – SOLD

Heckler & Koch SL8-1/G36 5.56/223 Converted

Heckler & Koch SL8-1/G36 5.56/223 Converted

The Heckler & Koch SL8 is a semi-automatic rifle manufactured by Heckler & Koch. It is the civilian version of the Heckler & Koch G36.

The rifle fires the .223 Remington or 5.56×45mm NATO cartridge and feeds from a 10-, 20- or 30-round detachable magazine. Unlike earlier types of HK rifles, it is not a roller lock bolt but rather a lug-type rotating bolt system as seen on the AR-18.

As imported, the GCA required they only import the 10-rd single stack version. This rifle has been converted to accept the standard double-stack 30rd magazines and even a 100-round drum magazine.

All of the original parts and magazines for the single stack version are included as well as two “wide” mags.

Heckler & Koch SL8-1/G36 5.56/223 Converted

Heckler & Koch SL8-1/G36 5.56/223 Converted

The SL8-1 features a lightened trigger pull, adjustable cheekpiece and buttplate, and a heavier, more accurate barrel.

The SL8-1 can have additional parts replaced to make it a G36. Suggest you Google the conversion for more details.

Included is the gun case, two 30-round mags, one steel, the other is a PMAG. All the conversion parts, two 10-round stock single-stack mags, and a ProMag 20-round single stack mag.

This is a private sale on behalf of a client.

Heckler & Koch SL8-1/G36 5.56/223 Converted

Heckler & Koch SL8-1/G36 5.56/223 Converted



Bulgarian Military Makarov Pistol Excellent/New Cond – SOLD

Bulgarian Military Makarov Pistol Exc Cond with accessories and ammo

Bulgarian Military Makarov Pistol Exc Cond with accessories and ammo

Bulgarian Military Makarov Pistol Exc Cond

Bulgarian Military Makarov Pistol Exc Cond

Bulgarian Military Makarov Pistol Exc Cond

Bulgarian Military Makarov Pistol Exc Cond

This is a hand-picked 1989 Military Bulgarian Makarov Pistol in Excellent or New  Condition made by Arsenal.  Bought as Excellent, but might be new,  I can’t see any signs that it was fired.  Appears un-issued.

The Makarov has been the Russian pistol since 1949 and is still in use today.    Was originally designed and made in Russia, then East Germany, and then Bulgaria.  The Russian and E. Germany versions are hard to get and very expensive.  The Bulgarian version is supposed to be equal and part compatible with them, unlike the P64, Radon, and other lesser clones that aren’t even compatible.

This has the desired plum hue to the trigger and the original Soviet style handgrips which were removed from many of these for import and replaced with a shabby black grip.  Still has some grease on it from storage.

Comes complete with a black holster with gun cleaning rod and belt lanyard as well as a brown leather holster.  All appear to be new.  Mix and match the holster to match your attire 🙂

Also included is a variety of ammo.  When buying a new gun, I buy a variety of ammo.  Some to break in with, some to test to find what load the gun likes best.

2ea Tula 92gr FMJ, probably the same stuff the Russians used from their own factory
1ea Barnaul Silver Bear 94 grain FMJ
1ea Barnaul Brown Bear 94 grain FMJ
1 ea Sellier & Bellot 95gr FMJ
All 50 rounds per box, 250 rounds total

You can find an ad on SOG for these showing a retail of $595 for the pistol without accessories and ammo.  You can find them used with the black grips for around $300, but why pay $300 for beat up and the for-import black grip?

I don’t know if there are more of these to import or this is from the last batch, I just don’t know, but they aren’t all in this condition, that’s for sure!

The pistol, holsters, and ammo retail for about $680

Zastava Yugo M48 8mm Mauser Package SOLD

Zastava Yugoslavian M48 8mm Rifle with accessories and ammo

Zastava Yugoslavian M48 8mm Rifle with accessories and ammo

Up for sale is a new or like new Zastava M48 carbine.  This is the first version that is all milled before they started adding cheaper, stamped components.  These were made right after WWII and were almost the same as the K98K.  The Zastava factory was taken over by the Nazis in 1941 through 1944.  After the Nazis were conquered, the factory went back to Yugoslavian control and many of the original workers returned.  I also suspect actual K98K carbines were made at Zastava.  Since Yugoslavia didn’t have any major wars, these were mothballed, some never shot.  This was purchased right out of the crate full of cosmolene which was cleaned off.  This particular rifle was likely made in 1950 and stored ever since.  As you can see in the picture, it has a full logo on the receiver and indicates it is the M48 (original) version.

I am including an actual German K98K sling which is well worn, but is the same style as was used on this carbine.  Also including some ammo pouches in good condition and five boxes of 8mm ammo.

This is one of four Mausers up for sale including a 1916 Spanish, 1938 Turkish, and a German K98K.

S&W M&P-15 Sport II AR-15 5.56/223 Magpul NEW SOLD

This one is sold, but there are more where that one came from, let us get one for you!

This one is sold, but there are more where that one came from, let us get one for you!

Thanks to Clayton, Esq. for purchasing this rifle!

S&W M&P-15 Sport II AR-15 5.56/223 Magpul NEW

S&W M&P-15 Sport II AR-15 5.56/223 Magpul NEW

M&P15 Rifles are the ideal modern sporting rifle.  Built to perform multiple uses under various conditions, M&P15 Rifles are as versatile as they are reliable.   Engineered for a wide variety of recreational, sport shooting and professional applications, M&P15 Rifles are easy to accessorize, but hard to put down. M&P15 Rifles are lightweight and rugged embodying the best combination of function and form.

SKU: 10202
Model: M&P®15 Sport™ II
Caliber: 5.56mm NATO/.223
Capacity: 30
Front Sight: Adj. A2 Post
Rear Sight: Folding Magpul (MBUS)

Stock: 6-Position CAR
Barrel Material: 4140 Steel
Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
Frame Finish: Matte Black
Barrel Twist: 1 in 9, 6 groove
Magpul® MBUS® Rear Sight
Forged, Integral Trigger Guard
Forward Assist & Dust Cover
Chromed Firing Pin
Armornite® Barrel Finish
6-Position Collapsible Stock

Threaded barrel for suppressor or compensator

This is brand new in the box, never fired…

These retail for $739 and are around $650-700 at local stores.

This is a private sale,


S&W M&P-15 Sport II AR-15 5.56/223 Magpul NEW

S&W M&P-15 Sport II AR-15 5.56/223 Magpul NEW


Remington Thunderbolt 150rd .22LR *and* Rem Oil 100th Anniversary Combo $33

100th Anniversary Remington REM OIL and bonus 150 rounds of .22LR Thunderbolt

100th Anniversary Remington REM OIL and bonus 150 rounds of .22LR Thunderbolt

For their 100th Anniversary Remington has come out with a Bonus Pack.  They have bundled a 150 round box of .22LR with three of their REM OIL products.

16oz can of REM OIL

4oz can of REM OIL

2.5oz bottle of a powder solvent that lubricates and provides rust protection

The set is boxed in faux woodgrain and makes a nice gift for someone else, or to put in with your own gun supplies.

As hard as it is to get .22LR ammo these days, help your self to some great REM OIL and get a bonus 150 round box of Thunderbolt.

Amazon has the same oils, but without the ammo for $63.74

Able Ammo has these on sale for $36.69, regularly $56.69  but you need to add $10.69 UPS shipping to that

Academy has them for $49.99 with free shipping

Woodbury Outfitters $54.99 plus shipping

Gander Mountain is $59.99 WITHOUT the .22LR

The 16oz can retails for $19.99
The 4oz throwback can isn’t even sold retail, but if it was, it would be $8.29
The 2.5oz bottle of powder solvent is also $8.29.

That is $36.57 total.  I am selling this for $33, so you are getting a deal on the oil and the 150 rounds of .22LR ammo is FREE!

Why pay those outrageous prices when you can get a great deal right here in Rio Rancho!

We have these in stock for less than any of the above places and we have already paid for the shipping so you don’t have to!  We have several in stock so give us a shout while you can still get these.

Display Suppressors – Faux Suppressors – Flash Hiders – Oil Filter Adapters .22LR, .223/5.56, 9mm $10 & Up

You never know when you might want a suppressor, so why not get a faux one for now to be prepared!

You never know when you might want a suppressor, so why not get a faux one for now to be prepared!

We have a variety of options to give your firearm the suppressor look by using a faux version.  Maybe you just like the look, or maybe you want to try the faux version to test it on your gun before buying a NFA one.  We also offer some other unique products.

Display/Faux suppressor mounted on a threaded barrel pistol using a M8X1/2"28tpi adapter

Display/Faux suppressor mounted on a threaded
barrel pistol using a M8X1/2″28tpi adapter


MSRP $54.99 plus shipping, on sale for $49

Do you have a Walther P22, a Colt Gold Cup Trophy, UZI Pistol, or similar pistol with either the 3.4″ or the 5″ barrel and want the suppressor look and feel without all the paperwork hassle and transfer tax expenses? Now with our THREAD ADAPTER WITH THREAD PROTECTOR AND FAKE SUPPRESSOR COMBO, you get ALL THREE PIECES FOR ONE LOW PRICE!

Our .22 LR FAKE SUPPRESSOR is as close to a real suppressor as you can get without paying the tax stamp and it will work on any .22LR firearm that has the barrel threaded 1/2×28 TPI. Its CNC precision machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum with a durable hard black anodized finish and its professionally laser engraved identically to our real NFA registered suppressors. Since its a fake suppressor, the sound is not reduced and bullet impact is not changed. Although, many customers do prefer the weight and balance improvement that the suppressor provides.

The FAKE SUPPRESSOR easily screws on to your THREAD ADAPTER ASSEMBLY (thread adapter and thread protector) which is included in this money saving combo.

Don’t let the low price fool you… We are the source and manufacture 1000’s of fake suppressors and thread adapters to supply other major manufacturers, distributors and resellers. You won’t find a better fake suppressor and adapter combo at ANY price.
ONE LOW PRICE! ALL THREE PARTS! Order today and get your gun lookin’ right!

9mm display suppressor for 1/2" threaded barrels

9mm display suppressor for 1/2″ threaded barrels


.22LR Display/Faux suppressor, 1/2″-28 thread $29
.223/5.56 Display/Faux suppressor, 1/2″-28 thread $29

9mm Display/Faux suppressor, 1/2″-28 thread $44
(the distributor is no longer selling these and I got the last ones they had!)

M8X1/2" adapter

Follow this link for a list of common barrel muzzle threads for various calibers and guns

THREAD ADAPTERS M8X75 to 1/2″X28  $25 EACH

Models are made to work with specific guns but will also work on similar guns with a M8 thread.

Walther P22
Smith&Wesson MP22 (made by Walther)
Uzi .22LR Pistol
Colt Gold Cup Trophy 1922 .22LR
and other compatible models


11/32″-24 UNS-2A

THREAD ADAPTER For M11/9 Suppressors 1/2"x28 ID to 3/4"x10 OD

THREAD ADAPTER For M11/9 Suppressors 1/2″x28 ID to 3/4″x10 OD

THREAD ADAPTERS For MAC M10/9 and M11/9 Suppressors $35

1/2″x28 ID to 3/4″x10 OD 

oil filter adapter to attached a oil filter or other threaded item to a 1/2" or 5/8" muzzle thread

oil filter adapter to attached a oil filter or other threaded item to a 1/2″ or 5/8″ muzzle thread

THREAD ADAPTERS 1/2″ x 28 tpi TO VARIOUS – Common on .17/.22 and 9mm pistols and rifles (Oil Filter Adapters) $19-31

$28 1/2″-28 to 5/8″-24 thread adapter black
$19 1/2″-28 to 3/4″-16 thread adapter black
$24 1/2″-28 to 3/4″-16 thread adapter SS
$21 1/2″-28 to 13/16″-16 thread adapter Black
$25 1/2″-28 to 13/16″-16 thread adapter SS
$22 1/2″-28 to 3/4″ NPT thread adapter black
$28 1/2″-28 to 1-1/2″-16 thread adapter black
$35 1/2″-28 to 3-way black (3/4, 13/16, 3/4 NPT)


14x1mm LH to 3/4″-16 RH thread adapter (AK-47/AKM) $33

THREAD ADAPTERS 5/8″X24TPI TO VARIOUS – Common to .308/7.62 and .338LM  (Oil Filter Adapters) 

$25 5/8″-24 to 13/16″-16 thread adapter black
$27 5/8″-24 to 13/16″-16 thread adapter SS
$27 5/8″-24 to 3/4″ NPT thread adapter black
$35 5/8″-24 to 3/4″-16, 13/16″-16, 3/4″ NPT triple thread adapter black



.22LR pistol (with 1/2-28″ thread) $15
AR15 A2 “Partial Cage” Flash Hider $12

….and a 10/22 specific version on our 10/22 page


3/4″NPT for use with Lee/NAPA 4003 style fuel filters

Registration with the ATF or other agencies is NOT a requirement for any adapters, provided that they are used for their intended purposes. The ATF does not regulate muzzle adapter devices provided there is no reduction in db’s to the report of the firearm.

It is a violation of Federal law to muffle the report of a firearm with any non ATF/NFA registered device. However, it is Federally lawful for an individual to, for individual use, make such a device, provided that they first apply for a permit and register the device with the ATF (Form 1) before making such a device. If it is your intent to create such an item, it is your responsibility to review ATF regulations and seek their guidance, along with that of your State and Local Authorities, so as to remain lawful in your endeavor.

We are not responsible for any unlawful or unintended use of our products. Thank you!

Surplus Army M19A1 7.62X51mm NATO M80 (.30 cal) Ammo Cans $10ea

7.62X51 ammo cans in very good condition

7.62X51 ammo cans in very good condition

These are surplus ammo cans straight from the White Sands Missile Range here in New Mexico.  From the designation on the can, you can see that these cans originally contained standard M80 ball cartridges in M13 linked belts.  The can would have contained two 100-round belts in cartons inside of the can.

Model M19A1
Dimensions: 10″ x 6.5″ x 3.5″
Steel ammunition chest
Rubber seal
Lay flat carrying handle
Hinged lid
Latch closure (can be locked with additional parts)

These cans are in very good condition and the seals on them are in excellent condition.  The ammo in these cans would have been recently shot such that the cans are still in near mint condition. These can be used for ammo storage or any other items you wish to store in an air, humidity, and water-tight manner. You can depend on the can and seal to last many years.

The cans are available for sale at our store in Rio Rancho and for those on the south end of town, in Belen. They are reasonably priced at $10.00 each, tax included.

These cans are generally known as .30 cal cans as they were originally designed to hold belts of .30 caliber machine gun bullets.

The 7.62X51mm NATO round was developed in the 1950s for the M14 rifle and the M60 machine gun.  Since these cartridges were on linked belts that means they were intended for machine gun use, not rifle use.  Very few of these are used in rifles any longer as the M14 rifle was superseded by the M16 which used the 5.56X45 NATO round.  However the 7.62mm round known in the civilian world as the .308 Winchester is still used in sniper rifles and for other special purposes in addition to machine gun use.

It was discovered in Vietnam that the M14 rifle was too long and heavy for jungle warfare and the size and weight of the cartridges limited the number of rounds that could be carried.  The commies had the same issue with their AK-47 ammo but they never wised up and still carry the bigger, heavier cartridges.  This chart helps show the comparison in what a soldier could carry:

Rifle Cartridge Cartridge weight Weight of loaded magazine 10 kg (22#) ammo load
M14 7.62×51mm 393 grains (25.5 g) 20 rds @ 0.68 kg 14 mags / 280 rds
M16 5.56×45mm 183 grains (11.9 g) 20 rds @ 0.3 kg 33 mags / 660 rds
AK-47 7.62×39mm 281 grains (18.2 g) 30 rds @ 1.2 kg* 8 mags / 240 rds

(*AK-47 magazines are much heavier than M14 and M16 magazines)

The 7.62X51mm cartridge remained the main machine gun round well in to the 1990s but for light machine gun use, has been replaced by the 5.56X45 NATO round in widespread use of the M249 SAW.  The 7.62 is still used in the M60E4, the M240 and by the Germans in their HK21 and MG3.

We just got in some 40mm cans into stock at our Belen location.  They are selling for $20 each



Ruger 10/22 Accessories – Rapid Fire – Flash Hider

As a fan of the Ruger 10/22, we have added several items to our inventory that are specific to the Ruger 10/22 line of rifles and pistols.


BMF Trigger Activator – 10/22 – 22 Rifle Rapid Fire Crank $29

Activater connects to the trigger of a .22 rifle. When you turn the crank, the fun begins. This simple device converts your semi-automatic rimfire to a Gatling gun as each crank of the handle fires several shots. Completely legal. Use only with adult supervision. Designed to be used on the .22 rifle only. Ambidextrous. BMF



For blued 10/22® rifles, this precision steel muzzle break compliments your rifle’s blue finish to give it the tactical military look and advantage of a military firearm.  Don’t confuse this muzzle break with plastic ones!  This high quality blued steel muzzle break is made to exacting tolerances for a precision slip fit over the muzzle of your rifle, secured by a single set screw on the bottom, with no modifications to your 10/22®.  Especially if you have folding stock on your rifle, this muzzle break is an easy choice to get your rifle looking right.  Better order two… your shooting buddy is going to want one too!

40mm Grenade Ammo Cans, USGI, Steel For Sale $20

Military surplus steel 40mm ammo cans for linked grenades, have double latches, one on each end. These are nice clean cans but are used and will show some wear, fading paint and such on outside, but are solid and close well. Load data and marks on outsides will vary from can to can and from picture.

Length: 18in
Width: 6in
Height: 10.5in


Lid is removable
Rubber gasket under removable lid, can is waterproof when both latches are completely closed
Wire handle below latch on each end, top of can is flat other than some corner angles for stacking the cans.

Military Surplus Ammo Cans have hundreds of uses around the home, shop or range. These Ammo Cans feature sturdy steel construction with waterproof seals. Each can is visually inspected and lids are manually opened to ensure proper fit and range of motion.


These cans come from here locally in New Mexico. They have been washed and are ready for your storage needs. They make great containers for storing things in your vehicle, like emergency items such as food. How about loading it with pistols and some desiccant to keep the inside humidity free for long term storage. There are many, many purposes for using these cans.

Tax is included in the out-the-door price.