Sarsilmaz B6 Semi-Auto Pistol New in Case SOLD

Sar B6 CZ75 9mm 17+1 Pistol NEW

Sar B6 CZ75 9mm 17+1 Pistol NEW

The Sarsilmaz B6 is a single-action/double-action semi-automatic pistol designed to provide you with reliable service for many years to come. Based on the iconic CZ75 design the SAR B6 features a polymer frame and high-quality steel slide. The polymer frame is quite easy to grip and provides you with what is considered a high-bore axis grip. Additional features include a set of fixed-style sights, a manual thumb safety and external hammer. The SAR B6 will quickly become your favorite polymer framed firearm.  The CZ75 line is know for having a lower bore axis due to the slide being in the receiver vs. over the receiver.  Lower bore axis results in less barrel flip and quicker second shot capability.

Sarsilmaz B6 Semi-Auto Pistol Specifications and Features:

  • 9mm Luger
  • 4.5″ Barrel
  • Single/Double Action
  • 17 Round Capacity (2 magazines included)
  • Fixed Sights
  • Manual Thumb Safety
  • External Hammer
  • Polymer Frame
  • Steel Slide
  • Overall Length 8.1″
  • Overall Height 5.5″
  • Overall Width 1.1″
  • Overall Weight 28.2oz
  • Stainless Steel Slide
  • Black Finish
  • plastic case with cleaning kit and lock

The CZ 75 is, some would say the best of both worlds. It has the super smooth double action single action trigger while having the wonderful ergonomics of the Browning Hi-power.  This is because it’s the second most copied handgun in the world following only the 1911.

$348.13 at Buds, Tombstone Tactical $338, Palmetto State Armory $352, plus shipping and FFL fee.

Our price includes shipping and there is no FFL fee.

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