Sarsilmaz B6 Compact Pistol 17+1 Stainless NEW SOLD

Sarsilmaz B6 Stainless Pistol

The Sarsilmaz B6 is a clone of the infamous CZ75. What sets this pistol apart is the fact that the slide rides INSIDE of the frame, giving you a lower bore axis, less recoil, less muzzle flip. Takes the same mags as the CZ

CALIBER 9×19 mm
ACTION Double Action
CAPACITY 15+1 / 17+1
BARREL LENGTH 4.5″ – 116 mm
OVERLALL LENGTH 8.1″ – 207 mm
OVERALL HEIGHT 5.5″ – 140 mm
OVERALL WIDTH 1.1″ – 28 mm
OVERALL WEIGHT 28.2 oz – 800 gr
SPECIFICATIONS Polymer Frame, Alloyed Forged Steel & Forged Stainless Steel Barrel and Slide
Rear Sight
Manual Safety, Firing Pin Block and Hammer Block

Buy this pistol locally in the Albuquerque area and avoid waiting, shipping costs, and FFL fees!

We also have the black version for $349

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