Zastava M88A 9mm Luger 8RD Blued VG Condition SOLD

Zastava M88a 9mm (stock photo)

Zastava M88a 9mm

The Zastava M88 is a semi-automatic handgun produced by Zastava Arms in Serbia. Zastava has been producing armament since 1853.

Based on the design specifications, the pistol is an improved version on the previous Tokarev-based M57 and M70 pistols, with the main difference being that it is chambered in 9×19mm Parabellum for export purposes.

A variant of the pistol called the M88A features an external safety on the slide, and an internal firing pin block safety. The safety was mandated for import into the US.

The M88 saw use as a service pistol with the Yugoslav police and military forces.

Get this desirable military/law enforcement surplus pistol while you can!

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