AR-9 9mm Glock Lower Receiver TN Arms Black NEW $65 SOLD

TN Arms TAC-9 Glock Compatible Lower AR-9

TN Arms TAC-9 Glock Compatible Lower AR-9

AR-9 Compatible lower, build your pistol caliber AR pistol or carbine.

We are offering discounts on multiple purchases!

*Glock magazine compatible 9mm/.357 Sig/ 40 S&W
  • Nylon 6-6 Body
  • Marine Grade Brass inserts in Buffer Tower and Pistol Grip
  • Installed Ambidextrous¬†Mag release
  • Lifetime Warranty against Breakage or Failure
  • Available in Magpul Matching Colors
  • 7 Ounces Stripped

The manufacturer is out of stock on all colors.  We are currently offering this in black.

The TAC-9 receiver is the newest member of the Tennessee Arms family of receivers. Using our fiber reinforced polymer and metal inserts we have delivered the lightest and best designed Glock Magazine compatible lower receiver on the market today. This receiver comes with our proprietary ambidextrous magazine release already installed. The rest of the lower receiver parts are standard AR design.

Price includes our shipping cost and there is no FFL fee for the transfer, saving you money and time buying online.

3 comments to AR-9 9mm Glock Lower Receiver TN Arms Black NEW $65 SOLD

  • Christopher Johnson

    I would like to Purchase this Lower receiver and have it shipped to a FFL Dealer in South Florida,
    Please advise,
    Thank you!

  • Joe Cervantes

    I from Thornton Colorado I want to purchase AR-9 Glock Lower Receiver TN Arm Black
    would like to know how to move forward on this
    thank you

    • Shooter

      I have sold out of them. A customer bought the last two I had left. Took quite awhile to sell them so I probably won’t stock them again.

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