CZ-82 9X18mm Pistol (Makarov) And Holster M&P Turn-In Surplus Good Condition SOLD

CZ-82 9X18mm Makarov Good Condition

CZ-82 9X18mm Makarov Good Condition

NOTE: The distributor price has gone up, so these are the last ones at this price.

When I began my own search for a milsurp Makarov pistol, I found the CZ-82.  Carries more rounds and is a larger pistol than the Makarov pistols which is better for bigger hands.  This is a fun range gun and to have under the seat for self protection.

This pistol was the primary sidearm for the Czech military and police for decades. The CZ-82 is an extremely reliable firearm which features a fairly large capacity of 12 rounds. The firearm is chambered in the popular 9x18mm Makarov otherwise known as 9mm Makarov. The CZ-82 features a double/single action trigger with a manual thumb safety which also pulls double duty as the decocker. This surplus pistol is a bargain and will not be around forever, take advantage and pick yourself up one today. Being that this is a surplus gun, it carries a surplus rating of Good. The photo is for reference and the actual gun you receive will vary but will fall within the Good rating.

Specifications and Features:

CZ-82 Semi Auto Pistol with CZ black leather holster

Surplus Firearm with CZ black leather holster in Good Condition

9x18mm Makarov (9mm Makarov)

3.8″ Barrel

Polygonal Rifling for Long Barrel Life

12 Round Magazine

Traditional Double/Single Action Firing System

Safety/Decocking Lever

Polymer Grip Material

Steel Frame/Slide

Good Working Condition

Shows Holster Wear and will Have Scratches/Dings

Blued Finish

Matching Serial Numbers!

These were manufactured from 1983 to 1992 and are C&R eligible.

Note: This is a surplus firearm which carries a surplus rating of Good Condition.  The pictures we are using are stock photos but are similar to the pistols and holsters we have in stock.

CZ-82 surplus military and police black leather holster

CZ-82 surplus military and police black leather holster

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