Sarsilmaz CM9 Gen2 17+1 9mm Pistol NEW SOLD

This firearm is sold, but that doesn't mean we don't have more, maybe.

This firearm is sold, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have more, maybe.

Thanks Renee for purchasing your first firearm here!

Sarsilmaz CM9 9mm CZ75 style 9mm pistol

Sarsilmaz CM9 9mm CZ75 style 9mm pistol

Sophisticated technical features.

Ergonomic grip. Easy to cock by means of serrations. Front cocking serrations. Piccatiny rail. Chamber indicator.  Most importantly, this is a legendary CZ-75B clone following in the footsteps of the SAR K2P (which we also have for sale)

For years I have sold the SAR K2P and everyone has loved the gun.  Some people however want some more “tactical” features, so out came the CM9.  Biggest differences are the serrated and squared off trigger guard, the replaceable backstraps, and finger indents in the front of the grip.  Most people were fine with the K2P grips with no complaints, but this gives you an option if you have smaller or larger hands.

Sarsilmaz CM9 9mm CZ75 style 9mm pistol

Sarsilmaz CM9 9mm CZ75 style 9mm pistol


Technical Specifications

CALIBER 9×19 mm
CAPACITY 15 / 17
BARREL LENGTH 3.8″ – 97 mm
OVERALL LENGTH 7.3″ – 187 mm
OVERALL HEIGHT 5.6″ – 142 mm
OVERALL WIDTH 1.1″ – 28 mm
OVERALL WEIGHT 29 oz – 820 gr

A top gun writer who has toured firearm factories all over the world said the Sarsilmaz factory was the most modern.  They are ISO9001 rated, but more than that, they are ISO rated for the airline industry, the highest standard, with clients like Airbus.  They have clients in 78 countries and are known around the world for their impeccable products.

We have additional Sarsilmaz and MecGar magazines. All CZ75B mags are compatible.

NOTE: To help with any confusion, SARARMS were originally imported by EAA. SAR was unhappy with their parts and customer service so they changed to a second importer, TR Imports. Same story. Since SAR was doing so much business in the US, they decided it only made since for them to open a USA office in Des Plaines, IL. SARUSA.COM

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