M10X Elite 7.62X39 $1,395 MAP SOLD


Tell you what Allen, you got one helluva a gun…these are really new guns and getting serial 188 shows you just how new they are. Anxious to see how this new rifle shoots!


Meet the M10X™: Progress is Natural™

M+M, Inc. introduces the most advanced M10™ platform rifle ever offered, featuring innovations never before incorporated in an M10™ rifle design. The rifle is 100% engineered and manufactured in the United States.  The innovations include:

  1. Floated nitrided barrel

Result of floated joint at gas cylinder and gas block is expected to improve accuracy on almost any firearm.

  1. Ambidextrous charging handle and safety
  1. Aluminum, extruded hand guard/top cover with full-length mill spec and anodized picatinny rail

Lots of air apertures lends to a cooler-running gun. The full-length picatinny rail means optics can be mounted anywhere on the length of the extrusion (scout scopes are mounted forward.)

  1. Fully integrated upper receiver

Eliminates guide rail rivets, and allows for stronger, stiffer guide rails to be used, reducing a point of failure, and enhancing the accuracy of the rifle.

  1. Proprietary recoil reducing compensator

Designed to reduce recoil and help to control muzzle climb in rapid firing.

  1. Hinged lower receiver

Opens like an AR for ease of cleaning and repair

Less obvious features to the new M10X™ are:

  • Adjustable gas aperture (including “off” position)
  • Recoil spring has been eliminated and its function integrated into piston return spring
  • Castling feature
  • Plunger-style ejector
  • Reduced-mass piston

The M10X™ maintains the distinctive silhouette as well as legendary reliability proven on our M10™ rifle, with a distinctively modern, extruded aluminum chassis. The simplicity of the innovative design allows M+M to produce a superior rifle while retaining is affordability for M10™ enthusiasts. In short, the M10™ has evolved; the X is here.

Elite M10X™

  • Machined Upper Receiver
  • Machined Bolt Carrier
  • Nitrided Finish
  • Hogue Pistol Grip
  • Phoenix Tech Kicklite Recoil Reducing Shaft with Magpul CTR® Stock
  • M+M Aluminum Front and Rear Flip-Up Sights
  • 7.62×39 Caliber Magazine

MSRP: $1,550, on sale for $1,395

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