Ruger LCP .380 ACP With Viridian Green Laser and Pocket Holster NEW IN BOX SOLD


Thanks Donna, enjoy your new pistol!!

Ruger LCP .380ACP with Viridian Green Laster

Ruger LCP .380ACP with Viridian Green Laster

Winner of the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence® Handgun of the Year Award, the Ruger® LCP® delivers superior ergonomic design and handsome styling. When size and weight savings count, the LCP® is a natural for personal defense carry.

Manufacturer: RUGER®
Model: LCP®
Caliber: 380 ACP
Capacity: 6+1
Barrel Length: 2.75″
Finish: BLACK

Ruger® lightweight compact pistols are compact, yet powerful. From the perfect backup firearm for law enforcement to licensed carry for personal protection, Ruger® lightweight compact pistols are the perfect choice.

• Through-Hardened Alloy Steel Slide Material
• Blue Slide Finish
• Alloy Steel Barrel Material
• Blued Barrel Finish
• 2.75″ Barrel Length
• 5.16″ Overall Length
• .82″ Width
• 3.60″ Height
• 9.4 Ounces
• Fixed Sights
• 6+1 Capacity
• High Performance, Glass-Filled Nylon Grip Frame
• 1:16″ RH Twist
• 6 Grooves
• Viridian Tactical Light Included (Auto On/Off When Holstered)

Ruger LCP .380ACP with Viridian Green Laster show with pocket holster

Ruger LCP .380ACP with Viridian Green Laster show with pocket holster

Viridian Reactor R5 Green Laser

The Viridian Reactor R5 is the latest targeting system made for the Ruger LCP. Custom-fit to the LCP, with Instant Enhanced Combat Readiness™ activation.

Weight: .78 oz. (including batteries) Virtually weightless
Construction: High strength thermomolded polymer
Laser Intensity: 5mW peak, 532nm Maximum legal power
Laser Range: Effective targeting up to 100 yards in daylight 2 miles at night
Battery Life: 1 hour constant 2 hours pulse
Charge Display: 3-color battery level indicator full, partial, replace
User Adjustable: Easy windage / elevation adjustments on laser

We like to compare prices with the internet monster seller, Bud’s. They are out of stock on this gun but last sold it for $352 cash price. On top of the $352 you would have to pay shipping and the typical $25 FFL fee to get it in your hands, plus of course having to wait for it.

We will beat their price by a few bucks but you won’t have to pay for shipping or an FFL fee!!

Included in the box is the Ruger LCP, one magazine, gun lock, Viridian special pocket/conceal holster that automatically turns off the laser, a Ruger soft case, the manual, and the defacto spent casing when Ruger shot the gun.

All new in the box available immediately here in Rio Rancho.

We can refer you to a wonderful YouTube video that shows just how lethal a .380 ACP round can be for those who don’t think it is powerful enough. We prefer the Fiocchi Extrema which has the 90gr Hornady XTP Jacketed Hollow Point bullet. The round easily passes the FBI test by going through two layers of denim and then goes over 12″ through the ballistic gellatin.

Get this awesome micro-compact conceal carry gun today! We will even sell you a box of Extrema ammo for $10 to go with it! We also have some regular .380 ammo for sale to use when learning to shoot the gun!

Ruger LCP .380ACP with Viridian Green Laster shown in pocket holster

Ruger LCP .380ACP with Viridian Green Laster show in pocket holster

Midway USA has just put the Viridian Reactor for the Ruger LCP on sale. The laser alone is now $153 plus shipping. That means you are getting the Ruger for $200!!!


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