Ammo for sale to our Albuquerque and Rio Rancho Area Clients (updated)

9mm, 5,56, 308, 380, Mak, 40, 45, 6.5CM, We Have It!

These are less than Cheaper Than Dirt, but I am not bragging.  I have some ammo that I carry for my customers, like when they buy a gun.  I brought extra in to help those whose defensive gun is empty or you need to practice in preparation for those coming to get your stuff!  Be prepared to protect friends and family!

These are sample prices, this is not all of the options or manufacturers.

.22LR, Stingers, Velocitors!  Even match .22LR ammo
22M $15/50
2.23 Match $20/20
5.56 13/20, 200 for $90, etc.
6.5CM $23/20
308 $24/20
7.62X39 $8/25
.357 Sig $26/50 or $20/20 Defense
380 ACP $20/50
Mak $15/50
9mm Luger $35/150 or $13/50 steel
9mm Luger $15/50 brass
.40 S&W $20/50
45 ACP $22/50
12GA $12 #8

Give us a call or drop us a mail for details.  We are only offering this ammo to buyers in the ABQ area.  We have the option to limit quantities to make more available for others.

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