PSA AR-15 Complete Classic Lower – NEW – $149

PSA AR-15 Complete Classic Lower

PSA AR-15 Complete Classic Lower

This Complete Palmetto State Armory lower is fully assembled and ready for your complete Upper!

  • Machined from Aluminum Forgings 7075-T6
  • Hardcoat Anodizing: MIL-A-8625F, Type III, Class 2
  • Milspec diameter Receiver Extension
  • M4 Stock
  • Staked M4 Lock Nut
  • Standard Carbine Buffer
  • Un-notched Hammer compatible with 9mm use
  • Caliber: Multi

Five Star reviews at PSA – These are currently out of stock at PSA so get it here instead and not have to wait for it to return to inventory and then get shipped.

These normally retail for around $240 and sell for around $160


16″ Mid-length 5.56 NATO 1:7 Nitride 13.5″ M-LOK Carbine With MBUS Sights and Turkey Receiver!! $499

  • Barrel Length: 16″
  • Gas System: Mid-length
  • Barrel Profile: A2 Style
  • Barrel Steel: 4150V Chrome Moly
  • Barrel Finish: Nitride
  • Muzzle Thread: 1/2-28
  • Chamber: 5.56 NATO/2.23
  • Twist Rate: 1 in 7″ for all bullet weights
  • Barrel Extension: M4
  • Diameter at Gas Block: .750″
  • Gas Block Type: Low-profile
  • Muzzle Device: A2 Flash Hider
  • Receiver Material: Forged 7075 T6
  • Receiver Type: M4
  • Hand guard Type: PSA 13.5″ Lightweight M-Lok Partial Picatinny Free Float
  • Bolt Carrier Profile: Full-auto
  • Sights: Magpul MBUS Backup Sight Set, Black
  • Overall Length: 24.5″
  • NEW Magpul PMAG included!

BTW, if you noticed, this is a mid-length system.  A regular carbine would have a regular carbine length gas system which delivers 26,000 PSI to the bolt, slamming it back rather ferociously.  Move the gas port up and the pressure drops to 21,000 PSI.  That is less felt recoil, that is less “damage” to the carbine.

What makes this custom, is you get to choose your lower, and we have a Turkey for you!  Get the carbine above with the turkey lower below!  These are limited edition lowers!

Other lower options below…No Step on Snek, Grim Reaper, and Spacerider!

No Step On Snek AR-15 Lower Receiver

No Step On Snek AR-15 Lower Receiver

Fire Selector: "Gobble?" (Safe), "Plucked" (Fire), "Stuffed" (Full-Auto)

Fire Selector: “Gobble?” (Safe), “Plucked” (Fire), “Stuffed” (Full-Auto)

Get a GOBBLE9999 serial number!

Halloween Grim Reaper AR-15 Lower

Halloween Grim Reaper AR-15 Lower

Spacerider AR-15 Lower Receiver

Spacerider AR-15 Lower Receiver


10.5″ 5.56 NATO 1/7 Nitride Classic Shockwave Pistol – Snek or Turkey Receiver!! $429





(Note:  The pictures show ODG, this is being sold only in black at this time)

Barrel Length: 10.5″
Barrel Profile:  A2
Barrel Steel:  Chrome Moly Vanadium
Barrel Finish:  Nitride
Chrome Lining:  No
Muzzle Thread Pattern:  1/2″ x 28
Twist Rate:  1 in 7″
Barrel Extension:  M4
Gas System Length:  Carbine
Diameter at Gas Block:  .750″
Gas Block Type:  F-marked Front Sight Base
Muzzle Device:  A2 -style
Receiver Material:  Forged 7075-T6
Receiver Type:  M4
Handguard Type:  M4 with heat shields
Bolt Material:  Carpenter 150 Steel
Bolt Carrier Profile:  Full Auto
Fire Control Group:  Standard Mil-Spec Trigger Group
Grip:  A2-style, ODG
Pistol Brace: KAK Industries Shockwave Blade

MSRP: $599.99, Sold for $499.99

Fire Selector: "Gobble?" (Safe), "Plucked" (Fire), "Stuffed" (Full-Auto)

Fire Selector: “Gobble?” (Safe), “Plucked” (Fire), “Stuffed” (Full-Auto)

Get a GOBBLE9999 serial number!

Fire Selector: "WAT SNEK" (Safe), "STEP SNEK" (Fire), "MAD SNEK" (Full-Auto)

Fire Selector: “WAT SNEK” (Safe), “STEP SNEK” (Fire), “MAD SNEK” (Full-Auto)

Get a NSOS9999999 serial number!

Sarsilmaz CM9 Gen2 17+1 9mm Pistol NEW SALE $285



Sarsilmaz CM9 9mm CZ75 style 9mm pistol

Sarsilmaz CM9 9mm CZ75 style 9mm pistol

Sophisticated technical features.

Ergonomic grip. Easy to cock by means of serrations. Front cocking serrations. Piccatiny rail. Chamber indicator.  Most importantly, this is a legendary CZ-75B clone following in the footsteps of the SAR K2P (which we also have for sale)

For years I have sold the SAR K2P and everyone has loved the gun.  Some people however want some more “tactical” features, so out came the CM9.  Biggest differences are the serrated and squared off trigger guard, the replaceable backstraps, and finger indents in the front of the grip.  Most people were fine with the K2P grips with no complaints, but this gives you an option if you have smaller or larger hands.

Sarsilmaz CM9 9mm CZ75 style 9mm pistol

Sarsilmaz CM9 9mm CZ75 style 9mm pistol


Technical Specifications

CALIBER 9×19 mm
CAPACITY 15 / 17
BARREL LENGTH 3.8″ – 97 mm
OVERALL LENGTH 7.3″ – 187 mm
OVERALL HEIGHT 5.6″ – 142 mm
OVERALL WIDTH 1.1″ – 28 mm
OVERALL WEIGHT 29 oz – 820 gr

A top gun writer who has toured firearm factories all over the world said the Sarsilmaz factory was the most modern.  They are ISO9001 rated, but more than that, they are ISO rated for the airline industry, the highest standard, with clients like Airbus.  They have clients in 78 countries and are known around the world for their impeccable products.

We have additional Sarsilmaz and MecGar magazines. All CZ75B mags are compatible.

NOTE: To help with any confusion, SARARMS were originally imported by EAA. SAR was unhappy with their parts and customer service so they changed to a second importer, TR Imports. Same story. Since SAR was doing so much business in the US, they decided it only made since for them to open a USA office in Des Plaines, IL. SARUSA.COM

Walther Creed 16+1 9mm 2 Mags NEW and BONUS Pistol Bag SALE $275

Walther Creed Best In Class

Walther Creed Best In Class


Classic Walther Ergonomics / Best Trigger on the Market **

Creed: A set of fundamental beliefs.

For Walther, those beliefs are superior ergonomics, excellence in trigger design, and unparalleled accuracy, quality and reliability. The new Walther Creed makes a statement in modern polymer-frame handguns that all of these features can be achieved with an economic price-tag. The Creed offers a reinforced polymer frame with signature ergonomics that shooters have come to expect from Walther.

The Creed features a pre-cocked double-action trigger system and a bobbed hammer that ensure a no-snag draw from a concealment. This system provides the shooter with a light and smooth trigger pull, consistent from the first shot to the last. All metal components are treated with a corrosion and abrasion resistant TENIFER® coating, providing a matte black hardened surface. With an ambidextrous magazine release, low profile steel 3-dot sights, and front and rear cocking serrations on the slide, Walther refused to compromise on the quality or features of the Creed.

Comes with hard case and 2 mags.

Walther Creed Best In Class

Walther Creed Best In Class

Walther Creed Best In Class

Walther Creed Best In Class

Just saw Hikok45’s review.  He said he would be happy if all of his guns had that trigger, including his beloved Glocks.

Bonus pistol bag included with this offer!!!  Style and color might vary.  The bag is about 10″X13″, holds two pistols, six magazines in padded luxury.  The bags retail for $30.





Sig Sauer 1911 “We The People” C02 Air Pistol $78.00 Below Cost!

One Left, new in the box, get it for below cost!

Sig Sauer 1911 "We The People" C02 Air Pistol

Sig Sauer 1911 “We The People” C02 Air Pistol

SIG has paid homage to the rights of all Americans which are protected by the United States Constitution, with their new 1911 “We The People” commemorative pistol. This true to life replica of that pistol includes every detail that is on the original, with the added benefit of being able to purchase one. Engraved on the slide is “1776” and the phrase “We The People” on the other, which is the opening to the Bill of Rights. The handle has 13 stars on each side, representing the original colonies. This CO2 version is powered by a 12 g cartridge and uses a 17 round BB magazine, which throws rounds down range at 340 fps. Like the firearm it is replicating, this version can also be field stripped and features blowback action.

SIG Sauer 1911 “We The People” BB Pistol

  • Co2
  • Metal Construction
  • 17 rd BB magazine
  • Realistic Blowback
  • Field-Strippable
  • “We the People” and “1776” engraved on the slide
  • Unique 50 Stars grip (25 on each side)
  • Weathered finish
  • Fixed white dot sights
  • Skeletonized Trigger and Hammer
  • Caliber:0.177 cal
  • Velocity:340 fps
  • Action:Semiautomatic
  • Blowback:Yes
  • Fire Mode:Repeater
  • Grip:Ambidextrous
  • Gun Weight:2.2
  • Overall Length:8.5
  • Barrel Length:4.5
  • Safety: Manual/Grip
  • Front Sights:Blade
  • Rear Sights:Fixed
  • Use:Plinking/Fun

MSRP $119.99 MAP $99.95

Sig Sauer 1911 "We The People" C02 Air Pistol

Sig Sauer 1911 “We The People” C02 Air Pistol

WWI, WWII and later US Military Surplus Items Going on Sale

I have begun posting some of the items for sale on two sales sites and indicated I had other items to sell so I thought I would refer people here to see all of the items at once, easier than through the online sales sites.  The majority of the items haven’t been priced as I need to determine fair market value to determine my selling price from, usually less than what they sold for elsewhere.  I am accepting offers on the various items or the information from those who have some interest.

M1 Carbine 30rd magazines, dust covers, sling, oiler, bandoleer kit, etc.

M1 Carbine 30rd magazines, dust covers, sling, oiler, bandoleer kit, etc.

This is a set of M1/M2 carbine accessories.  Starting upper left.  M3 Flash hider made at the Springfield Armory, very few real ones available.  Then a new old stock sling and oiler, probably repro.  Then four 30rd mags.  The one in the bag is made in Taiwan, the others have no identification, just like authentic ones.  Then a bracket to connect two 30-round mags together.  In the next row, A M4 bayonet in a M8A1 scabbard.  The leather handle models were made by Utica Cutlery in 1944 and 1945. The blade looks like it was never actually used and certainly wasn’t sharpened, or if it was, so professionally  it looks new.  It has scabbard wear from being drawn out, but that’s it.  The SL8A1 scabbard is the second version with the hooks for the web belt and was issued at the time the bayonets were.  Made by PWH.  Next is a two dual 30rd magazine pouches marked 1951, included are four new mags in their original wrapper.  Two opened, two sealed.  Next, in the bag are original rubber dust covers that went over the end of the mag when in the pouch.  Next is an aftermarket steel ventilated handguard, so although not authentic, handy for keeping the barrel cool when you run your M2 at full auto.  Next is a bandoleer kit.  Contains one bandoleer, and the spoons for your rounds, and the cardboard that is inserted in the bandoleer to keep things neat and tidy.  It is marked “Du Lacher 1955”.

WWII web belt with carbine mag pouch and two 15rd mags

WWII web belt with carbine mag pouch and two 15rd mags

This is an early WWII war web belt as it is khaki-colored before they eventually darkened to olive drab.  The belt is stamped “US” and has a 40 on it.   With the belt is the matching khaki dual mag pouch for 15rd magazines and included are two used magazines, probably the actual ones from WWII.  The pouch is marked Avery 1943.

WWII soldier's equipment, pot helmet, shovel, bayonet, web belt, pouch, and canteen

WWII soldier’s equipment, pot helmet, shovel, bayonet, web belt, pouch, and canteen

This assortment starts with a early “pot” helmet.  It only has the chin strap on one side and has some rust mainly on one side of the interior.  Next is the same M4 bayonet from the carbine grouping.  Next is a WWII trenching shovel, Ames 1944 and the matching cover, St. Joseph Tent and Awning, also 1944.  I suspect an original pair.  Next is the insulated canteen bag, the canteen cup insert, LF&C 1918, that thing made it since WWI !!!, and the canteen, Vollrath 1945.  Ya, it has a ding…more than one 🙂  In front of that is a later WWII web belt in the olive drab compared to the khaki one above.  This has a small pouch, maybe it was their first aid kit which was one bandage and a syringe full or morphine.  Sorry, no bandage included.  The pouch appears to be 1952, the belt has something printed on it and someone with better eyes and imagination could maybe read it.

Post-WWII web belt, canteen, bayonet, mag/grenade pouch, and field bag

Post-WWII web belt, canteen, bayonet, mag/grenade pouch, and field bag

Last are some odds and ends, mostly Vietnam era.  First a canteen marked 1991, probably the newest thing here.   Then a M7 Bayonet made by Imperial and a M10 scabbard, NEW.   The web belt is a model LC-2 made at the Arkansas Industries for the Blind.  M-16 triple magazine pouch with grenade pouches on the side.  Says “US” on the front, “06” on the back, but I don’t think 2006.  (Grenades not included)  The Combat Field Pack M-1961.  It has a canvas bag, but there is an interior weather resistant cover that pulls out and then covers up everything inside and “seals” the top.

Remington Thunderbolt 150rd .22LR *and* Rem Oil 100th Anniversary Combo $33

100th Anniversary Remington REM OIL and bonus 150 rounds of .22LR Thunderbolt

100th Anniversary Remington REM OIL and bonus 150 rounds of .22LR Thunderbolt

For their 100th Anniversary Remington has come out with a Bonus Pack.  They have bundled a 150 round box of .22LR with three of their REM OIL products.

16oz can of REM OIL

4oz can of REM OIL

2.5oz bottle of a powder solvent that lubricates and provides rust protection

The set is boxed in faux woodgrain and makes a nice gift for someone else, or to put in with your own gun supplies.

As hard as it is to get .22LR ammo these days, help your self to some great REM OIL and get a bonus 150 round box of Thunderbolt.

Amazon has the same oils, but without the ammo for $63.74

Able Ammo has these on sale for $36.69, regularly $56.69  but you need to add $10.69 UPS shipping to that

Academy has them for $49.99 with free shipping

Woodbury Outfitters $54.99 plus shipping

Gander Mountain is $59.99 WITHOUT the .22LR

The 16oz can retails for $19.99
The 4oz throwback can isn’t even sold retail, but if it was, it would be $8.29
The 2.5oz bottle of powder solvent is also $8.29.

That is $36.57 total.  I am selling this for $33, so you are getting a deal on the oil and the 150 rounds of .22LR ammo is FREE!

Why pay those outrageous prices when you can get a great deal right here in Rio Rancho!

We have these in stock for less than any of the above places and we have already paid for the shipping so you don’t have to!  We have several in stock so give us a shout while you can still get these.

Wolf brand made by Lapua/SK .22LR Match Target Ammo German Made $75


Wolf .22LR Match Target Ammo made by the Lapua/SK factory in Germany.

Wolf Match Target Ammunition has developed an outstanding reputation as one of the most economical and accurate loads available. Made at the Lapua/SK factory to the same standards as the top competitive ammo made by Lapua. Featuring a 40 grain lead round nose bullet and the world renowned Vihtavuori powder, this ammunition is sure to meet your target shooting needs.

Many competitive shoots have chosen these bullets as their “go to” bullet due to price and quality. Do a web search on Wolf Match Target and see all the praise it gets.

WOLF is the only ammunition company that provides a 100% Performance Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied, WOLF will refund your money on the unused portion of the ammunition, including and freight charges.

Technical Information
Caliber: 22 Long Rifle
Bullet Weight: 40 Grains
Bullet Style: Lead Round Nose

Ballistics Information:
Muzzle Velocity: 1050 fps
Velocity Rating: Subsonic

One of the tightest and best grouping rimgire cartridges available in the world
Using the highest quality brass and a proprietary manufacturing technique yields
virtually no case variance that delivers unmatched accuracy
Clean burning Vihtavuori powder and ultra reliable primer ignition

This ammo is currently selling on Gunbroker for $90 a brick and very few sellers have any to sell. On top of the $90 you will pay about $15 for UPS/Fedex shipping to get it here. That makes this price a bargain!


Display Suppressors – Faux Suppressors – Flash Hiders – Oil Filter Adapters .22LR, .223/5.56, 9mm $10 & Up

You never know when you might want a suppressor, so why not get a faux one for now to be prepared!

You never know when you might want a suppressor, so why not get a faux one for now to be prepared!

We have a variety of options to give your firearm the suppressor look by using a faux version.  Maybe you just like the look, or maybe you want to try the faux version to test it on your gun before buying a NFA one.  We also offer some other unique products.

Display/Faux suppressor mounted on a threaded barrel pistol using a M8X1/2"28tpi adapter

Display/Faux suppressor mounted on a threaded
barrel pistol using a M8X1/2″28tpi adapter


MSRP $54.99 plus shipping, on sale for $49

Do you have a Walther P22, a Colt Gold Cup Trophy, UZI Pistol, or similar pistol with either the 3.4″ or the 5″ barrel and want the suppressor look and feel without all the paperwork hassle and transfer tax expenses? Now with our THREAD ADAPTER WITH THREAD PROTECTOR AND FAKE SUPPRESSOR COMBO, you get ALL THREE PIECES FOR ONE LOW PRICE!

Our .22 LR FAKE SUPPRESSOR is as close to a real suppressor as you can get without paying the tax stamp and it will work on any .22LR firearm that has the barrel threaded 1/2×28 TPI. Its CNC precision machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum with a durable hard black anodized finish and its professionally laser engraved identically to our real NFA registered suppressors. Since its a fake suppressor, the sound is not reduced and bullet impact is not changed. Although, many customers do prefer the weight and balance improvement that the suppressor provides.

The FAKE SUPPRESSOR easily screws on to your THREAD ADAPTER ASSEMBLY (thread adapter and thread protector) which is included in this money saving combo.

Don’t let the low price fool you… We are the source and manufacture 1000’s of fake suppressors and thread adapters to supply other major manufacturers, distributors and resellers. You won’t find a better fake suppressor and adapter combo at ANY price.
ONE LOW PRICE! ALL THREE PARTS! Order today and get your gun lookin’ right!

9mm display suppressor for 1/2" threaded barrels

9mm display suppressor for 1/2″ threaded barrels


.22LR Display/Faux suppressor, 1/2″-28 thread $29
.223/5.56 Display/Faux suppressor, 1/2″-28 thread $29

9mm Display/Faux suppressor, 1/2″-28 thread $44
(the distributor is no longer selling these and I got the last ones they had!)

M8X1/2" adapter

Follow this link for a list of common barrel muzzle threads for various calibers and guns

THREAD ADAPTERS M8X75 to 1/2″X28  $25 EACH

Models are made to work with specific guns but will also work on similar guns with a M8 thread.

Walther P22
Smith&Wesson MP22 (made by Walther)
Uzi .22LR Pistol
Colt Gold Cup Trophy 1922 .22LR
and other compatible models


11/32″-24 UNS-2A

THREAD ADAPTER For M11/9 Suppressors 1/2"x28 ID to 3/4"x10 OD

THREAD ADAPTER For M11/9 Suppressors 1/2″x28 ID to 3/4″x10 OD

THREAD ADAPTERS For MAC M10/9 and M11/9 Suppressors $35

1/2″x28 ID to 3/4″x10 OD 

oil filter adapter to attached a oil filter or other threaded item to a 1/2" or 5/8" muzzle thread

oil filter adapter to attached a oil filter or other threaded item to a 1/2″ or 5/8″ muzzle thread

THREAD ADAPTERS 1/2″ x 28 tpi TO VARIOUS – Common on .17/.22 and 9mm pistols and rifles (Oil Filter Adapters) $19-31

$28 1/2″-28 to 5/8″-24 thread adapter black
$19 1/2″-28 to 3/4″-16 thread adapter black
$24 1/2″-28 to 3/4″-16 thread adapter SS
$21 1/2″-28 to 13/16″-16 thread adapter Black
$25 1/2″-28 to 13/16″-16 thread adapter SS
$22 1/2″-28 to 3/4″ NPT thread adapter black
$28 1/2″-28 to 1-1/2″-16 thread adapter black
$35 1/2″-28 to 3-way black (3/4, 13/16, 3/4 NPT)


14x1mm LH to 3/4″-16 RH thread adapter (AK-47/AKM) $33

THREAD ADAPTERS 5/8″X24TPI TO VARIOUS – Common to .308/7.62 and .338LM  (Oil Filter Adapters) 

$25 5/8″-24 to 13/16″-16 thread adapter black
$27 5/8″-24 to 13/16″-16 thread adapter SS
$27 5/8″-24 to 3/4″ NPT thread adapter black
$35 5/8″-24 to 3/4″-16, 13/16″-16, 3/4″ NPT triple thread adapter black



.22LR pistol (with 1/2-28″ thread) $15
AR15 A2 “Partial Cage” Flash Hider $12

….and a 10/22 specific version on our 10/22 page


3/4″NPT for use with Lee/NAPA 4003 style fuel filters

Registration with the ATF or other agencies is NOT a requirement for any adapters, provided that they are used for their intended purposes. The ATF does not regulate muzzle adapter devices provided there is no reduction in db’s to the report of the firearm.

It is a violation of Federal law to muffle the report of a firearm with any non ATF/NFA registered device. However, it is Federally lawful for an individual to, for individual use, make such a device, provided that they first apply for a permit and register the device with the ATF (Form 1) before making such a device. If it is your intent to create such an item, it is your responsibility to review ATF regulations and seek their guidance, along with that of your State and Local Authorities, so as to remain lawful in your endeavor.

We are not responsible for any unlawful or unintended use of our products. Thank you!