Ammo for sale to the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho Area

We have continued to maintain some level of inventory on all the popular calibers listed below.

22LR, 9mm, 5,56, 308, 380, Mak, 40, 45, 6.5CM, We Have It!

NOTICE:  All ammo pricing is being re-evaluated due to the shortage of ammo and the constant increase in prices.  We are in the process of trying to finish our annual inventory and will be re-pricing inventory where appropriate.

These are sample prices, this is not all of the options or manufacturers.  This is being updated on 1/14/20.  The inventory and pricing is always in flux.

ALL ammo is brass unless otherwise identified.

5.45×39 59Gr FMJ   Red (steel)
.22LR CCI Mini Mag 100
.22LR 500rd Brick (reg and HP)  Aguila
.22LR Velocitors  CCI
22M /50 Federal
5.56 /30  IMI
300 BLK /20 Win
308 /20 Win
7.62X25 Tokarev /50 PPU
7.62X39 /20 Golden Tiger/Wolf (steel)
32 ACP $/50 S&B
32 ACP JHP $/50 PPU
8mm Mauser PPU SP $/20
7.92X57 Yugo FMJ $/15 on clips
30 Carbine 120rd Bandoleer $65 (NEW)
380 ACP FMJ $/50 S&B
380 ACP FMJ $/100 Win
380 ACP JHP $/100 Legend
9mm Luger  FMJ $, 115, 124, 149gr
9mm Luger JHP $
9X18 Mak $/50 Wolf (steel)
40 S&W $/50 JHP
40 S&W $/200 Range Pack
45 ACP $/50 S&B
45 ACP $/200 Winch
12GA $ #8

We still can’t get “deals” on ammunition.  None of my distributors have ammo to ship so this is what I can find for you.  Every new order costs us more and we can’t avoid it.  Winchester announced price increases in April and August.  This is typical for all manufacturers.  That creates a ripple through the distribution channel down to you.

Give us a call or drop us a mail for details.  We are only offering this ammo to buyers in the ABQ area.  We have the option to limit quantities to make more available for others.

NOTE:  called a local gun dealer and asked their 9mm price.  $49 for a box of 50!  His explanation was that it was “hard to get”.  I suspect he sells a lot more than me, but I am only out of one caliber right now.

A customer stopped by and said another dealer was selling 9mm for $55….

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